Blue Whales arrive in San Diego!

The mighty blue whales have arrived just offshore in San Diego.  These incredible animals are the largest animal to ever roam the face of the earth, and are an unbelievable sight to see.

We are extremely fortunate to see these animals as they are critically endangered with less than 2% of their original population left on earth.  So give us a call at (310) 974-2176 to book your excursion while they are here.

Other sightings include fin whales, common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins.

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Whale Watching Reservations can be made on line.

About Cici

I started running whale watching charters 20 years ago and created Offshore Blue Adventures Whale Watching Tours in 2011. I love the ocean and San Diego, this is one of the most rewarding businesses I have ever been in.
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